Going For A Test Drive A Used Car? Follow These Steps

Posted Monday, Feb 21, 2022

Test drive is one of the most important steps to buy a used car. It is an opportunity to figure out whether that particular used car is worth buying for you or not. It has been seen that many buyers buy the used car without even taking the test drive, which is indeed a not less than a big blunder. The point is buying a car involves a hefty sum of hard-earned money that should not go in vain. Instead of regretting later, taking a test drive before buying the used car from the used car dealership nearby your place is a wise idea.

Following are the steps to test drive a used car;

Get comfortable first

Adjust the seat at the correct height and distance from the steering wheel and pedals. Now set the mirror, check all the lights, and ensure they all are working condition. Turn off the audio to avoid distractions. In short, get yourself comfortable and familiar before taking a test drive.

Take your time

Don’t let the salesman rush you to test drive the car. Usually, the salesmen do not give a proper time to test drive a car. Ask the salesman to agree on a specific distance and time, so you can properly test drive the car. Meanwhile, take your car to the crowded parking lots and little uneven roads to learn how it feels. Usually, the salesmen give you less than 20 minutes. Request the salesmen to give you more time to test drive a car properly.

Observe how does the vehicle drive?

While taking the test drive, get a feel of everything like acceleration, steering, braking, gearing, and pedaling. Ensure everything happens so smoothly. If you find any issue, note it down and explain it to the salesmen.

Notice all strange noises

At the time of taking the test drive, ensure there are no spot rattles, knocks, squeaks, and grinding sounds. To notice the strange noises, take your car on the highway away from the busy roads. If you notice any odd noises, it is a sign of some mechanical issues with the used car.

The final take

Once you finish the test drive, it is time to reveal all issues with the car, if any! If you are satisfied with the way the car feels while driving, and you don’t find any issue, it is time to negotiate the price.

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